“How to Improve your Communication Skills with Smart tricks”

We all have Imperfections. Nobody is perfect, we all develop some habits and styles throughout our Lives .Some of these are helpful, while some create challenges when working with others. In most cases, it’s just these little habits that get in the way of building Communication.

Here are some simple tricks that will solve most communication issues in the workplace & in our daily lives. I have taken the help of pictures for better understanding. Hope you Enjoy Reading & Implement.


  • Eye Contact: This is a very common thing which we all use while communicating with anyone. But there a difference between subtle way of eye contact & glued eyes since our eyes read our emotions in mind & soul. Majority of the people feel uncomfortable about looking intensely into others’ eyes. Look into others eyes with warmness in your heart so the same will reflect by default into your eyes & gave an idea of readiness to the fruitful conversation. Its rightly said “ Eyes are like Mirror of your Heart”.




  • Voice Pitch:When we are talking to our friends that is fine to have multi talks in any pitch because we don not have to bother to get judged what we are saying and  no matter what frequency(slow or fast) we are following but when it comes to “Professional world” pull up your socks your every word & statement will get 360’ degree ratings. In case you are having a conversation in person or on the phone, you must know to have control on your voice pitch, your voice should be audible to the person whom you are speaking not to the environment. Beware of becoming Noise pollutant because your communication etiquettes get noticed wherever you go.




  • Body Language: Our Body also gets a language, it also interacts with people.Some people get fair idea from your body language about how you are feeling, what you want to discuss, what you want to discuss, your every movement of body becomes active while communicating with others. Therefore, it is a very powerful communication while talking to others always pays attention to your body language because people are paying attention to your words & to your body language if they are matching with each other. Many people can judge your real intensions from your body language only. Even we all game only on the back of Body Language. In this picture you can see person seems to be passionate about his ideas the way he has used his hands while expressing and people listening to him equally agreeing to him with smile on their faces.



  • Facial Expressions: Although it is one of a part of Body language but facial expressions plays a very important role even in our daily lives which you cannot ignore. Even only by looking at your face people start assuming your personality. By studying faces, researchers have matched subtle changes in the positioning of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows to variations in six basic human emotions—happiness, surprise, disgust, sadness, anger and fear.Facial expressions do not just give us away; they may also allow others to experience our own emotions fully.



To conclude, Communication is an Art which can only master through small adjustments in your day to day lives. Before communicating with others, you need to listen to yourself first just to reassure before you speak..


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