“How to write an Effective Resume”

You can attract more interview offers by following these simple Steps:

  • Keep it Short but Effective: No matter how detailed, your resume won’t get a thorough reading the very first time through. Generally a resume gets attention for 15-20 odd seconds. Understanding  your resume is more difficult if it is hard to read, grammatically-incorrect  & poorly organized .So keep it short don’t extend it to more than 2 pages for  Freshers & 3 pages for Experienced  using  simple language.


  •  Catchy “Career Summary”- Substitute your Objective with well written Career summary which is designed to give a brief overview of who you are and what you do. Most Objectives resemble in terms of  Seeking  a challenging position in XYZ where I can use my skills etc. Instead use Simple & Clear words while writting  remembering you have only few seconds to make a good impression. Do some research on developing a summary that immediately gets  Hiring  Manager’s attention, which can  quickly demonstrate  so that you can fit in to their Requirement needs.


  • Highlight Achievements,Honors & Activities: Hiring managers, while filling their technical requirements seeks candidates who can help them solve a problem or satisfy a job need within their company. Hence, you can’t suit their job filling purpose without stating how you manage to solve or sought out the similar issues for the companies you worked for under the similar circumstances. Focus on describing the strategies you followed at that point of time & how company benefitted from it. List your achievements,honors,activities & accomplishments after briefing your Job description(don’t much emphasize on description part). It will increase your chances of getting on Board.


  •   Don’t FAKE around: Be very careful not to mention that work which is not originally done by you. Be true to the hiring manager. Do not mention any such thing just for the sake of taking a Job it will not only dent your Impression but also close doors for the future prospects.


  • References List : Keep on increasing & updating your references by contacting everyone who is a part of recruitment industry directly or indirectly(personal business contacts,vendors,alumini). For unemployed candidates, handing out resumes is a Full time Job, its important for them to be in touch who can provide them job insights. Reference list will work as Networking and bridge the gap between the Employer & the Unemployed market.Do mention it in your resume it will help you to connect at right place.


With a Effective resume in hand you’ll greatly increase your chances of earning a closer look and getting that interview cracked..



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