“How to Land your dream Job”

dream job2


Whenever we think of getting a dream job we all get nervous because somewhere in our subconscious mind we want to crack the interview with flying colors but  fear of losing  in an interview that too for our dream job  make us panic and we fail to gave our Best. There are some Smart tips and tricks which can help you in getting your dream job and also helps in overcome the fear of  Rejection in an interview

  • Understand your Interest Area: Before opting for any type of job first identify your area of Interest and knowledge don’t take any job just for the sake of being employed because somewhere you will land up in wrong job. For Example: In case you are a graduate and you have a interest in banking segment but you got a opportunity to work in other segment with very lucrative salary now what will you do 95% will go for this job remaining 5% will chase their dream job and get placed .Getting a job is not difficult but getting dream job is what makes the difference.


  • Make transparent clear Resume: After understanding your area of interest there is a need of making your Curricular Vitae because your resume is just like a mirror of your personality and what you are looking for in the job market. Ensure not to fabricate your resume in order to get your dream job instead if you make transparent clear resume it will help you to grab your dream job more quickly because like you Organizations are also looking for their desired candidates so they will easily catch your loophole if you deceive them thus one ended up in losing his dream job.


  • Honest & Positive approach: Always remember one need to be honest and positive both professionally and personally in order to get something in life. Be honest while answering your interview questions and in case you are not able to answer it’s ok never mind be positive about it instead of giving wrong answers. Feel free to express or ask if you don’t understand it or do not know it. Be flexible in approach and organization do like those candidates who are flexible rather than having rigid approach.


  • Fear of Rejection : When one think of getting our dream job one become more conscious and nervous about fear of rejection and losing the opportunity which hit our brain cells thus result in anxiety, mental stress & lower the self confidence. To overcome the fear of rejection train your mind to calm down in this situation by taking deep breaths. Tell your brain with confidence that “I feel pleasure to gave interview for my dream job and will gave my best no matter how difficult it will appear” and then Smile. Try this mantra because this is my personal mantra and I have tried it in so many difficult situations and trust me it takes away all my anxiety and helps me in boosting my confidence to perform well. Always remember we all are Human beings and we commit mistakes and learn from them. There is not only one opportunity that will get you dream job but one will get ample of it” if one is open to fight its fear of Rejection in life”.


  • Understand your Skill set: Look for companies which are matching your skill set it not only saves your time but organization’s time too. Keep updating your skills as per the your target market standards. If you are looking for dream Job, organizations are also looking for their desired candidates and in order to keep balance develop yourself in such a way that company can see you as their Asset and also would like you to join their organization once they aware of the benefits you will bring in case of get appointed.


  • Prepare FAQ’s : Make a list of frequent asked questions in your dream job according to your skill set. It is advisable to do some R& D which will help you to prepare for an interview. Do not take Hiring manager as monster he is equally keen to welcome you in the organization because if he is at Hiring position one must agree that somewhere in profile is more knowledgeable & master of his subject. R&D also broadens the area of knowledge which helps you aware of the trends prevailing in the job market in order to face the competition.


  • Negotiations in terms of CTC: Never gave impression to the company that you want job for the sake of earning money although company also knows that changing or joining job for hikes is one of the most common reason but at the same time they do not want candidates who is taking job only for this reason. Do not ask for unrealistic hike, demand as per the industry standards. Demanding unrealistic salary not only keep you away from getting your dream job but it also narrow your chances of getting the one.


To conclude, I have ensured covering all the smart tips which may arise during challenging situations for getting your dream job and in case if left would like to have your comments or share your views/opinions or tips on this article(if any) through comment section.


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