“How to overcome Stress in any situation”


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Frequent headaches, anxiety, fear, depression, increase or decrease in appetite, negative thinking etc are the common yet alarming symptoms of Stress, it not only paralyzed  you professionally but also affects your personal life. Before discussing the precautions to overcome this stigma called Stress let us understand the reasons for “Why are we stressed”? Somewhere answer lies within ourselves because power of fighting with every negativity lies within ourselves. You need to check your environment conditions and the people you are dealing with..Lets take the frequent questions:


Que1: When was the last time you laughed whole heartily?

Ans: Research shows that people do not really remember when was that last time they laughed  because they all are so much busy in acquiring the worldly comforts that they had ignored all the joys in their lives which comes free of cost.

Solution: Laugh whole heartily no matters if it comes to cracking jokes or sharing lighter moments at your workplace or at home,do not worry about being funny or hangout with who have good sense of humor. Good Laugh not only lightens the level of stress but also helps in uplifting your mood instantly.


Que2: When was the last time you had given time to your hobby?

Ans: Hobby??? Are you serious we don’t get a time to breathe and you are talking about giving time to hobby. Always remember one thing in life” Its not about HAVING time its about MAKING time”- very well written quote. If you have noticed how you make time for watching cricket or partying with your friends?? Because you enjoy doing it just to beat stress for a while but wt happened when you come back from party or the match is over..Stress takes your mind back to worrying and stressing out.

Solution: Start making time for your hobby which you use to do when you were in school or in college be it a dancing,listening to good music or joining some hobby class according to your interest, it will never ditch you in long run. It also helps you in self motivation and satisfaction which leads you towards creating happiness, it acts as instant stress relief . Hobby has nothing to do with how old you are, at what position you are ,it will cheer up the kid inside you.


Que3: When was the last time you had taken Work Break ?

Ans: Work break- who will achieve targets and what about my promotion?? My Boss will kill me , my teammate will take promotion on my place –see this is how you are actually increasing your stress level. Now answer me who will live life on your place neither your “Boss” nor your teammates” and as far as your promotion or achieving targets are concerned that you will definitely loose in your stressing condition. Do you really think taking pressure or tension on how and why in life makes you achieve target but yea it will burst your brain cells oneday.


Solution: Take a break, plan a good holiday with your family or friends (who are already planning or going high five to them) or take short trips it not always necessary to plan long journeys only weekend trips can also do wonders. Your family will be with you till the end of your life not your targets and promotion- the above thongs only gave you monetary satisfaction which I know is very necessary in leading a luxurious life but at the same time you and your family is also important  . ”Yeh zindagi fir na milege dobara”.


Que4: When was the last time you had your Favorite Food?

Ans: Food we all have in our daily lives but our stress level is so much increased that we ate food just to satisfy your hunger, most of the times you people do not even know the actual taste despite if its really scrumptious and satisfy for taste buds.

Solution: Dine out in new restaurants in case you enjoy dining out(changing of places also helps in reducing stress), have your favorite food. For those who like home made food try cooking, cook your favorite food there are so many recipes on via social networking sites like  youtube, facebook, foodblogs etc  ( I know it sounds insane for those who even don’t think of cooking in their dreams  but trust me it will work for sure and you will enjoy it)


Que5: When was the last time you made a list on your Accomplishments?

Ans: 95% answer was accomplishments we almost forget it…we have so much stress and pressure into our lives that you forget to cherish your accomplishments and shift your focus to failures in life and results into breakdown.

Solution: Start making List of your small accomplishments which could be related to your personal life like picked up the kids from school (in case you have kids), got groceries, read your favorite book after long time, mediated for certain time, started some activity, participated in the event, helped someone with his/her project or overcome ones difficult situation etc accomplishments are not limited to be written in your resume only. Personal accomplishments are much more self motivating and self improvement.


Que6: When was the last time you had spend time with yourself?

Ans: Very rare….

Solution: Spending time does not mean that you need to aloof yourself and sit in one corner of the room. It means to Meditate and talk to your inner self. Study has shown that formal practices of meditation can reduce the risk of stress or depression in people as its effects are comparable to antidepressant medications. Although meditation, alone, doesn’t take away all of your stigma of stress as some studies suggest it can, but it would lengthens the time span between negative thoughts, or at least making your brain a less healthy environment for them to develop. Meditation also helps you to take care of your self  by improving your memory in case you are on medication do not forget to take your vitamins avoid sugar and grains. Focus on healthy eating. Be thankful to GOD for giving such wonderful life that other people in the world dream off, cribbing or complaining will only increase your stress and infect your brain.


Above are the sure & personally tried tricks to overcome or reduce stress in every situation. Stress do depends on your environment but since you are also the part of creating that environment so it is responsibility that you should uplift the standard by creating it into positive one.


How you like this Article feel free to comment & discuss…New ideas are always appreciated.


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