Live-in Relationship in India -Awakening Call



Live-in relationship is becoming a trend these days and pacing very fast in our Indian society particularly the ratio is high in metro cities. On one hand west cultures are adopting Indian culture to which on the other hand our Indian society is adopting their unjustified culture of living together before sacred union called “marriage”. This live-in relationship is getting quite popular especially among the new generation and they are entering into just as the  trend going in our film industry which further encourging this concept.
Although being involved in a live-in relationship is a matter of individual decision, which, one should be free enough to take but at the same time one must be aware of its fatal consequences as every relationship is based on love, trust, understanding and commitment for whole life, one wrong step turns your life into miserable condition and when it comes to spending whole life with somebody who is a complete stranger to one, what matters more is that the emotional or mental requirements may get fulfilled. In many cases it has been observed that live-in sort of relations also do not guarantee a full life commitment, lack of patience in almost everything are the reasons which are giving rise to such concepts like flings, one night stand & live-in relationships but they forget if marriages can be broken so can live-in relationships be. What essential thing that is terribly missing today in any relationship is love, trust and commitment. Sometimes it takes few moments to understand someone and sometimes one cannot understand other during entire lifetime. Many of these live-in relationships ends with the  alarming experience note  still consider this relationship as  a tool for compatibility test passing wrong legacy to the future generation , do you really think it is that easy to move on after going through so much mental torture in life and with the beautiful feeling called “love experience “.
Live-in relationships are like quick fix thing, they are temporary in nature and involves lot of risks specifically for female partners as this ruin them emotionally as well physically so one has to be careful while entering into this type of relationship as you are directly or indirectly giving or accepting invitation to not so commitment based relationship. Many of people took this relationship in order to check their compatibility, what if according to one feels the compatibility and other don’t and comes in the sufferer zone. Survey has noted higher rate of separation in live in relationship couples as there is temporary romance than the long lasting trustworthy relationships.


To conclude Some people might be having good experiences but I personally feel Life is a bit complicated thing. It should be tested  to the  certain limits which involve less risks considering emotions & sensitive feelings.




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