Scary Driving: Une invitation de mort prématurée

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There are over so many articles on road accidents with fatal results in newspapers and internet is flooded with after accident images but still the rate of accidents is increasing every year. Untimely deaths due to negligence in driving especially the victims are between the age group of 18-25 and also the teenagers without driving license staking others life walking on road. Driving itself comes with the responsibility which further includes the people who are passengers and also the people walking on road or using road in any convenient mode. When a driver is not careful while driving or distract due to any reason it gave birth to fatal results resulting to accidents or collisions, some are unintentional but some are due to the driver’s bad driving habits which not only put his own life in danger but also the life of other person on road and the passengers who are driving along with him.

Most of the accidents took place due to the scary or bad driving habits which further diversified as dangerous driving including over speed or tailgating, carelessness; distraction and violation of safety laws are listing the top chart for such accidents.

  • Dangerous Driving – Dangerous driving is one of the leading causes of roadway accidents today which results into dreadful crashes. Indian roads were at their deadliest in 2014 claiming more than 16 lives every hour on average. Over 1.41 lakh people died in crashes, 3% more than the number of fatalities in 2013(source: the times of India) and dangerous driving is one of the common reasons behind such fatalities.

Sub reasons for Dangerous Driving

  • Carelessness– Besides dangerous driving, accidents can be caused due to careless drivers. These include violation of traffic rules and safety laws, ignoring the safety signals and driver’s careless approach to changing road conditions. Some drivers ignore yellow lights, do not bother   to a complete stop at a stop sign, forget following safety laws while turning left and right and biggest mistake “Drive without seat belt”.
  • Distraction– Attending phone calls or browsing on cell phones, texting messages and drinking alcohol while driving are biggest accident prone reasons and comes under distraction activities putting other life on stake besides putting your own life too.
  • Speeding or Tailgating: Survey reports noted over-speeding accounted for about 1.7 lakh crashes and nearly 49,000 deaths and dangerous/careless driving or tailgating claimed another42000-plus lives in 1.4 lakh crashes especially on national highways where traffic is also huge and young generation enjoys playing speed games using loud music, louder the music more the speed putting everybody in danger.

Above are the most common reasons for this daring game called “Driving”.

The key to safe driving is to follow safety laws by being attentive while operating a motor machine. It is required to avoid careless or distracted behavior. Drivers should stop using cell phones or texting while driving maintaining good distance and speed which can drastically reduce the risk of accidents. Poor drivers increase the risk of good driver’s life due to their own bad driving habits which can be avoided by developing good driver in you.

To conclude I remember one quote “Life is always a bumpy road eventually you just have to learn how to drive on it” J


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