“You are more than just a Name”


Do you all remember those days when we all use to have so much fun without any tension & stress?  Yes you all are thinking right that was the time when we were kids in school and college. We all remember our first day at college new place, new friends, new session & most importantly now we were free from our school uniforms ready to step into the most awaited life. It was really an amazing time that no body forgets in their life. The freshness is still there in our minds when we recall our college days. Participating in our favorite curricular activities covers the major part of our college days. When girls are into the dance classes and guys are into the sports or vice-versa being Ms or Mr. Fresher having that cheerful faces all around. We all had enjoyed every bit of it and those who missed it they don’t have to worry life is all about making choices, earnings & giving.

As we all get jobs after finishing college we all become very different from ourselves. We no longer enjoy like the way we use to at the time in our school & college. Daily office routine now become part of our life, getting up early ,reach office on time if meeting is scheduled then coming back home late all tired & stressed. And in midst of all we now had forgotten the other person who was alive at the time of our school & college days with that unique talent because of which you were among the popular list.

God endowed every one of us with some special qualities which we call talent and the people who still didn’t discovered yet that is called “hidden talent”. I personally come across so many people who discover their talent late, I am talking about those who did not get the chance to discover due to their personal reasons but when they met that other person in them there was no looking back.

The people who have recognized their talent are excelling and becoming famous. The question is still loading that how we can unlock that unique person who lives nowhere but inside us. Let me take this opportunity because I have recently unlock that person inside me that I can be a good writer or blogger and many people even told me that I can be a radio jockey too J and trust me I am really enjoying it. What I actually did-I have pen down all my favorite activities which I use to enjoy at the time of my school & college days and which were even appreciated by others as well. Then ask your friends or near ones who knows you very well because these are the people whom you get mostly in touch with  directly or indirectly  these are the people who observes you when you also not aware of because your hidden talent is always recognized by others. Do not ever think that hidden talent needs to be big which should make you famous no it’s not about being famous it’s about you what is that unique quality in you that make you and other people happy and content. I have recently met a person who was an amazing storyteller and she loves to spend her weekends with underprivileged children educating them through narrating different stories, further added that she got many opportunities from big publishing houses which might double her chances of becoming famous  but she did not accepted any of their offer (everybody call her mad with whoever she shared this thing) because she feel content in social service by using her talent of storytelling  which she got introduced by her mentor some time back rather she enjoys to bring smile on underprivileged children’s faces instead of working for publishing houses. So we should understand that talent is talent nothing is big or small the only thing we can do is to meet that other person who is living inside us say “hello to beautiful you” …



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