Tips For Becoming A Money Magnet



Do you observe we meet so many people in our life whom we think as Money Magnet and every time you meet them you feel like becoming one and grill your mind for the similar type of opportunities which make them a Money Magnet?

Money nowadays is one of the Biggest player to satisfy your Materialistic needs. Frankly speaking, your present financial status is a outcome of your relationship with your financial attributes. All of us struggling our whole life to earn and attract more and more money and sometimes you feel so demotivated and down in life when you fail to attract those small pounds despite of doing so much efforts which you thought to do in order to attract more in life. Do you wonder why would that not happening..?

 Here are my personal favorites Tips which help you to becoming a Money Magnet.

1) Purify your Mind: Everything in your life depends on the quality of thoughts you have in mind. If you think positive in every situation(I know its bit difficult but not impossible) you can attract anything you desire of in your life and attracting money is not that big deal, you could be forcing money back with your unconscious negative thoughts and beliefs.

2) Treasure Money: Money is hard when it comes to earn it so better you should start treasuring it even if it’s a penny. Appreciate everything you get in life even if its in small denomination never forget those pennies are like money plant they will grow everyday  with your positive thoughts. Practice even the small gesture of receiving and appreciating and Universe by default will train to send you more.

3) Activate your Positive Energies: I define activating positive energies as the courage to let only positive energies to drive your feeling of attracting more in life. Universe is like a deep down Sea you dive in and take as much as you can according to the choices you make. Universe listens to your subconscious mind and gave according to your inner energies. Attract blessings of Universe with your positive energies of fulfilling your monetary desires of becoming a Money Magnet , Ignore what  world thinks about you just need be true to yourself –this is what matters to the Universe .Clean all  the negative clutter from your unconscious mind &  Universe will automatically train to give you more.


4) Strength your power of giving: Yes you are reading right, When you all want to attract money somebody has to be a source of giving you and when you accept to become a source for others your “karma” will pay you back without any boundaries It will be in abundance, power of giving not only means money but also term as becoming helping hand for the one in need. Remember you all will attract what you give to the society. Strengthen your good deeds this will always pay you back in long run. Nothing builds a sense of abundance like the ability to give to others!


5) Company of Positive People: Surround yourself with positive happy people, Surroundings help your brain to think more in positive way which further enhances your chances of becoming Money Magnet. Observe their mind sets it also helps you to learn about their challenges which they faced while stepping up the ladder and learn from their strategies and start building your wealth by picking up the strong points. It is only in your hands of attracting more and more.




What do you think?

Are you using exhibiting techniques to attract more money into your life? What type of success mantra have you had? Share  your experiences ,your thoughts, stories and questions in the comments box below…



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