South America-Top 10 Places in the City Peru “No downside in retreating U.S bucks at the ATM’s”.

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Another City which stole my Heart- One and Only The Lost City in South America-Peru…

Peru is among one of the inexpensive countries within the South America with the highest Tourer attractions in reference to Para-gliding, Surfing, the misty Amazon rain forest in Iquitos, Architectural tour, and Lima’s cuisine. The town has also glorious for its very affordable Food and Housing, the most effective half is that you just realize “No downside in retreating U.S bucks at the ATM’s”.

peru city 1

You can also visit places like Sacsayhuaman- It is one of the biggest and greatest stones worked by Humans. Once you are strolling into a stylish center, you’ll be able to visit Bircher- Brenner for vegetarian hunger. If you are a Cat sweetheart, you can also visit the Cat Park there, where you can cuddle with little kitties, they are super charming.


          Image: Sacsayhuaman

I am listing here the Top Ten Best places to visit that include the activities outside of Machu Picchu and Inca Trail in Peru, which definitely make a quick place in your traveling bucket list.
When it comes to Proper Infrastructure, to Proper food, and Water to drink, Republic of Peru has come a long way from one of the most backward countries in Latin America. The town amazingly got reinvented into an enriched culture with refreshing cuisine and arts.

1) Lima: A reasonably trendy city is a capital of Peru and it has been known for its world class cuisine, must try their seafood cuisine Peruvian Ceviche- its tart flavor can surprise your taste buds. In order to experience the best nightlife, restaurants, and shopping destinations, do not forget to stay in the mind blowing “Miraflores”- a district along the Pacific coast in the sections of Lima.


        Image: Miraflores-Lima

In case if you have extra time, you should definitely go to visit the most enchanting colonial city centers in the world which you will see there in Lima.

Bar Hopping.jpg

          Image: Bar Hopping, Lima


You can also enjoy the beaches as town is also known for its Beach culture on the North coast and South of the city, giving you the chance to Surf at Cabo Blanco, Sunbathing at Vichayito Mancora Playa and Cocktail lovers at Las Pocitas. Lima is also recommended for Paragliding experience.Mancora.JPG

                                                              Image: Mancora, Lima


2) Cusco: The next place worth paying a visit is Cusco, also known as Koricancha or Qorikancha. The town is used as an individual route towards the very talked-about place Machu-Picchu.


  Image: Cusco

You can board a train from here, which can be approached within 5-10 minutes by taxi ride from town, whereas taking strolls on the town streets, you may be amazed to see the Spanish culture and the history of the Inca architectural style exchange.

It was believed that the Cusco was the richest temple of the Inca Empire whose walls were coated with the seven hundred colored sheets.

Do not forget to visit Plaza American state (De) Armas which is one of the foremost gorgeous parts of town. You can also relish the nightlife here, followed by the trail walking nearby.


Image:  Plaza American state (De) Armas

For having more of a bite, visit the Rainbow Mountain that  is located simply outside of Cuzco turning into a prime destination for tourists for its distinctive diversity, Spanish,  Latin culture, and how we tend to  miss the wonder of the Andes.

rainbow mountain.jpg

Image:  Rainbow Mountain
In case if you wish to extend your vacation or have extra time, then you can consider a day trip or multi trip from Cuzco to handle this vista for trekking expedition linking onto the Ausangate circuit trek, this expedition could have fair chances to turn out as one of the memorable trekking experience for you. It is recommended to get in touch with local tour vendors who can customize your trip for hiking and camping (anywhere between 4200 meter and 5100 meter) according to your time need.

the Andes

Image:  The Andes
Things to recollect just in case you choose Hiking.
A) It is suggested to carry minimum 2 liter of water per person as you do not realize any locals on the way who sells water just in case you run out.
B) Do carry warm garments, Rain jackets, Sun hat, Sunglasses, Lip balm, Sun scream and Toilet tissues.
C) You can also take small gifts like stationary, reused garments, except candies for village children along the trail.


Image:  Lake Paron, The Andes

Weather conditions: Unpredictable weather ranging from Hot and Sunny to Rain, Wind and Cold are noted within the Andes. So, Hikers be prepared for this ever-changing climate. Temperature ranges from Degree 0 to 15 in the afternoon.


3) The Amazon: The second largest Rain- forest is located in the largest city in the world- The Iquitos.

amazon rainforest

 Image:  Rain Forest-The Amazon

The best places to visit the Amazon are Peru and Ecuador. You can locate these rain forests via fly or boat since the roads are not developed.


4) Desert Oasis of Huacachina: Once heading back from South of Lima or from the city of the Inca, this tiny tropical gem Desert Oasis is definitely can steal a place in your favorite sites list. The town on the Peruvian travel trail is an excellent option to relax and rejuvenate since the place is supported by the artificial water supply adds more magic to this place.

oasis desert peru new

                                               Image: Desert Oasis of Huacachina

The food and Lodging you will find at very affordable prices. The Sand boarding and the Sand buggies are worth to take advantage.

5) Islas Ballestas and Paracas: The amazing place is one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The National park is wild habitat to unique marine animals like Penguins, Sea lions, Sea turtles, dolphins, Squirrels, and a variety of other Birds. The wildlife is located very close to Huacachina in Peru, outside the Amazon.

Best Time to travel: June to November.

Islas Ballestas and Paracas peru

 Image: Islas Ballestas and Paracas
Note: It is Illegal to enter a park without a licensed guide. It is also advised not to book your return tickets for the next day as the tour often gets delayed by a day or two once returning from the park.

Islas Ballestas and Paracas 2

6) Inca Trail- Machu Picchu: The Sacred Valley is one of the very famous tourist places in Peru. It will leave you with truly mesmerizing and speechless experience with its beauty. It is also listed in the places to visit in South America. You are advised to take tour guide which you will find at the entrance of Machu Picchu to explore and discover the history of the lost city.

Inca Trail- Machu Picchu

 Image: Inca Trail- Machu Picchu

Do not forget to capture the pictures of flawless Canon Ridge and the Mountains, which you will find while walking towards the Inca Bridge, which further allows you to follow the trail footsteps of Hiram Bingham (The Man behind the discovery of lost city-The Machu Picchu).
In case you plan to extend your tour and wish for Hiking, then explore the city by taking the trail of countryside in the footsteps of the otherwise you can take train back in case you are running out of time.Inca Trail- Machu Picchu 2


Note: Do not forget to book your train tickets well in advance, the spot gets crowded very easily as minimum 2500 visitors allowed at a time. So make sure to keep your pace ahead of schedule.

7) The Arequipa & Colca Canyon : An incredible colonial city of Arequipa is a base location to enter the Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.


Image: The city Arequipa


The main attraction here is to visit the Andean Condor.

condor pass

Image: Andean Condor, Colca Canyon Pass

The place is also known for its most beautiful monasteries in South America like Santa Catalina Monastery with its beautiful painted walls and winding walkways.

Santa Catalina Monastery

Image: Andean Condor, Colca Canyon Pass


8) Chan-Chan: The largest Pre-Columbian city in South America is highly recommended for those particularly who have good interest in discovering the Tales of Architecture and History.



Image: The Chan-Chan

The Chan-Chan consists of several walled citadels which have sheltered over Thirty thousand people.

9) Lake Titicaca: The Sacred Lake is situated between the Borders of Pu-no and Bolivia and is regarded as a World’s Largest with Highest Altitude of 12506 feet over the sea level. Inconsistent with the natives who resides near the lake, it is believed that if you place the map of the lake inverted, forming the shape of a Panther (Puma) eating a Hare, making an attempt to search a relation between the names of the lake.

Lake Titicaca

Image: Lake Titicaca


You can enjoy forty minutes a Reed boat ride to visit Uros Islands- The floating island.

uros island

 Image: Reed Boat, Uros Island

It is a synthetic island created by a tribe that predates the Incas. You can reach the lake by taking Bus services from Cuzco to Pu-no without any prior reservations.

10) Larco Museum: The place is worth exploring while visiting Lima. The museum holds the private collection of Pre-Inca gold, pottery, and silver headdresses, regarded as one of the best archaeological sites from all over the Peru.


 Image: Larco  Museum

This wonderful museum is uniquely designed in different colors with Bougainvillea vines. The museum includes the 45000 ceremonial pitchers and precious metal jewelry which is close to 4000 years old of Pre-colonial history.


I am finishing my 10 Best places to visit in Peru- South America, here is a quick glance of places to plan your Day or Week (recommended) to Peru. The Machu Picchu and Cuzco can be explored in a week, including hiking the Inca trail. Since you may get easy access to transportation to many places in the city and in case you are heading to the South, make your arrival at Arequipa and then take return flight to Lima.


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