Bangkok: Top 10 Things Not To Do

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We compose a ton of articles offering exhortation on what to see and do in Bangkok, however from individual experience, we believe it’s critical for first-time guests to comprehend what “NOT to do in Bangkok as well”. Thailand’s way of life is unbelievably rich with numerous social desires and regular cordialities that may contrast from your nation of origin.  Take a couple of minutes to catch up on what to keep away from while you’re out on the town in Bangkok – it will make your cooperations with local people that greatly improved and guarantee you don’t wind up embarrassed and confounded as a result of a senseless socially awkward act or shake down.



1) Do Not take already Parked Cab: Around traveler hot-spots you will now and then observe a long line of spotless, stopped taxicabs enticing you into their aerated and cooled comfort, however, any individual who has invested any energy in Bangkok will know to stay away from them and venture into the road to wave to a moving taxi. Why? Since a stopped taxi more often than not means a degenerate driver who is holding up to misuse a hapless, sweat-soaked and confounded vacationer, charging them twofold or triple the going rate.


2) Do not Forget to Stand up for National Anthem even if you are in movies: Thai people hold deep respect for their King so to their National Anthem which generally played between 8 am to 1800 hours in public places a Day. They prefer to Stand and Still whenever they Listen or Hear the Anthem Playing even if they are in movies. So it is advisable to follow their rituals and respect their culture.


3) Females are not allowed to sit next to Priest (Monks) : Friars(Monks) must hold fast to many principles from the Buddhist devout code, including never to touch a female. It is a smart thought to move no less than a meter far from any Priest of open transport and give them space to walk if out on the town.


4) Do not Buy pints of drinks while you are clubbing or in a Bar: This is not a violation of social norms, but rather will unquestionably spare you cash: when in a club for a night out, do as the Thais do and purchase an entire jug to share rather than single beverages. Not exclusively will it work out much better esteem (frequently with a few free blenders), the holding up staff will treat you much better.


5) Do not carry your Passport: This is a useful hint that could spare you from an urgent dash to the police headquarters, consulate and back once more, don’t convey your visa with you around Bangkok. A photocopy of your visa is sufficient.


6) Do not wear short clothes when visiting any Temple: Buddhism is the overwhelming religion in Thailand, and a number of the greatest sanctuaries are situated in the Old City area of Bangkok.

Spending a day going by the sanctuaries is high on many individuals’ agenda, however, ensure you dress moderately, with a T-shirt covering your shoulders and some shorts or a skirt down to underneath the knees.

As an expansion to this, regardless of how hot the weather strolling wearing Topless is Big No No!


7) Do not Touch or Tap anybody’s Head: In Thai Buddhist convention, the head is the most astounding piece of our body and the place nearest to the Bliss. To touch an outsider on the head, even in a carefree manner, is hostile to numerous Thai individuals and certainly not exhorted.


8) Do not put your Foot on Thai Currency: You unintentionally drop some cash and the breeze begins to overwhelm it. In your own nation you may venture on it to spare your money, however, in Thailand DON’T DO IT.

Similarly, as the head is worshiped as the most noteworthy piece of the human body, the feet are viewed as the least, the most polluted piece of our bodies and touching a picture of the Lord with your filthy feet would make numerous Thai individuals obviously troubled.

9) Do not forget to carry Toiletries: In your lodging or while shopping in a favor shopping center heading off to the can is a characteristic, clean affair to contrast with whatever other created country.

However, in the event that you mean to go investigating around business sectors and eat in nearby eateries, a pack of tissues may spare you from the problem of gazing at a basin and a tap while hunching and searching futile for the restroom tissue.

10) Do not worry about Drinking Water: One of the great issues for voyagers coming to Southeast Asia, would you be able to put stock in the water?

In Bangkok, the water is not destructive so you don’t need to stress over brushing your teeth with it or filling the pot for some espresso (despite the fact that we wouldn’t instruct drinking a full glass concerning it straight from the tap).

The same goes for the ice, which is made in sanitized manufacturing plants and conveyed consistently.


Now you all Know what to keep in Mind “The Not To Do List”,  pack your Bags & Enjoy your Trip Hassle Free to Bangkok!

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