CHINA- Top Ten Ultimate Things To Do In Hongkong

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Hong Kong abounds with enthusiasm from the minute you arrive, and it provides an unforgettable experience. Shopping is on the checklist, as are popular cuisines, touring, and the most recent, trendy fusion of eateries and bars.

Exotic places and horizons should be captured, there is a zillion of street markets to delve into and ships and pontoon rides are holding up.

Here are Top 10 things you completely can’t afford to miss !


1) View from Victoria Peak: The popular view from Victoria Peak, seemingly the city’s most well-known fascination. Rising 1,805 feet above ocean level, the summit bears stunning perspectives of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Victoria Harbor, and, on crisp mornings, Kowloon’s eight mountains.


The world’s steepest railroad is the most try out the part which is a seven-minute ride on the Peak Tram. There’s a chaos about whether the view is better amid the day or during the evening—advise you to see both in case you have an ample time.

peak tram


2) Taste their Exotic Cuisine Dim-Sum: Dim Sum which means “Touch Your Heart” aggregate began as a morning or early evening feast, however today you can have it whenever you want to eat anytime in a day.


While a few eateries serve dim-sum whole from food streets and others enable visitors to arrange from a dine-in menu, you can expect similar choices including steamed shrimp dumplings, grilled pork buns, and significantly more. The Dish is served in a Steamer or on Plates and it has a unique taste as the fillings are different.


3) Shopping: There’s a reason terrain Chinese cross the fringe to visit Hong Kong, and it’s tied in with shopping. From the top line fashion stores flocking lower Kowloon and Central to the shopping centers of Causeway Bay to the sleazy environs of Chung-king Mansions on Nathan Road, shopping sets the pulse rate of fashionistas in Hongkong.


Women’s Market, home to more than 100 slows down offering attire, and the Temple Street Night Market, where you can discover everything from noodles to watches are the most prominent.

temple market

The Cat Street is known for collectibles, Appliqué Street Market is the place for gadgets, and Fa Yuan Street is known as Sneakers Street. There are other markets for blossoms, goldfish, winged creatures, jade, kitchenware, etc.


4) Hiking at Dragon’s Back: The Hong Kong also offers amazing climbing alternatives for dynamic local people and tourists.

Spreading 31 miles, the Hong Kong Trail passage through five provincial forests on Hong Kong Island, the most prevalent of which is known as the Dragon’s Back.

dragon back

The feature of this climb is achieving “Shek O Peak”, from where you can appreciate 360-degree perspectives of shorelines, vibrations, water-front groups, and the South China Sea.

dragon's back

The quickest form of this climb can be finished in under two hours, however, you could extend it to six hours in case if that you needed to begin from Happy Valley and advance south.

honkong island


5) Visit Happy Valley Race-Course for trying your Luck: The Happy Valley Race course is the place to be in Hong Kong besides the mid year month on a Wednesday night, when there are no stallion races.

happy wednesday

Prominent with both tourists and local people, this weekly affair feels more like a social gathering than a sporty affair; undoubtedly individuals come to bet.

happy valley race course

You get a chance to enjoy weekly Themed evenings, similar to Oktoberfest or Carnival.



6) Visit Ancient Temples: Hong Kong is like home calling to memorable religious destinations that anticipate the British occupation. The “Man Mo Temple” is ancient in the city, and it is devoted to the Taoist divine forces of Literature (Man) and War (Mo).

man mo 2.jpg



Everybody is allowed to visit, yet genuine devotees come here to leave offerings and light incense, while crystal gazers (who are very respected in Hong Kong) sit in front of anticipating clients.

man mo.jpg

You must pay a visit to 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in the New Territories, where Five Hundred giant sized brilliant golden Buddhas sit on either side of the Four Hundred stages you’ll mount to ambit the sanctuary will leave you to spell bounded.



Inside the prime sanctuary, there are almost Thirteen Thousand plated clay statuettes, significantly more than the sanctuary’s name.



7) Drink on the Roof-Top Clubs of Hong: The normal temperatures extend from 60–90 degrees, perfect conditions for savoring wine, malt liquor, and mixed drinks outside, as long as it’s not drizzling.Hong Kong has a gathering of terrace bars to look over. Some of best are Wan Chai (Woolomoolo), Sugar, Ce La Vi, Ozone, Sevva, Armani, Eyebar, Sky, Seafood Room and Tott’s.


The best house top bar is the one that can be difficult to get into is “The China Club.As a restrictive policy, it requires that you accompany one of its individuals to pick up section, so in the event that you have any nearby associations, utilize them—it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

china club.jpg



8) Star Ferry:  Hong Kong’s well known Star Ferry, costs just a couple of Hong Kong Dollars to ride, making it a standout amongst other arrangements in all over the Hong Kong. Victoria Harbor is a colony of motion, and ships of every kind chug, zip, or flounder past as the Operator of the Star Ferries by anyhow maintain a strategic distance from crashes.

star ferry 2.jpg

As you venture to every part of the fundamental course from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central, it’s hard not to be struck by the thick towers of Hong Kong Island fostered by green mountains ascending before you.


The arrival trip from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui is also great, with the structures apparently built appropriately on each other. In the event that you time it ideal at night, you can get the full magnificence of the Laser Show. The 360-degree display of laser bars striking the high rises on either side of the harbor merits adhering around to see.




9) The Avenue of Stars: While in Tsim Sha Tsui, make sure to visit the Avenue of Stars, an avenue where the city pays tribute to the Hong Kong’s best-known film stars, for example, Kung-fu master Bruce Lee.


The avenue opened in 2004 and keeps running along the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui. It highlights stars committed to Chinese entertainers, like the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

light house.jpg

The gallery of the Stars which is a prominent place for strolling, running, and hanging out, especially since it is one of the open spaces in the territory.


The promenade makes an extraordinary spot to watch the Symphony of Light show over the bay in the twilight. Make sure to discover a place where you can listen to the music that leads the show.


10) Rejuvenating Spa Culture: Because of the city’s quick pace and great stamina, natives of Hongkong know it’s necessary to break the monotony, which may clarify the ridiculously rejuvenating spas you’ll discover here.

You’ll see many back rub outlets all over the city—it’s completely natural here to spare twenty minutes from your day to get a foot rub—however the best encounters anticipate in the top of the line spas situated in lodgings, which are among the finest on the planet.

In case you wish to go for Spa Packages which usually last for 60 to 120 minutes. You can also opt for customized packages according to your requirement which lasts for 30 to 90 minutes and also suitable to your pocket as compared to full body massage package which will starts at HK$ 200 onwards. Some of the Best Spas you can count on are The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Le Spa by Jan, FLOAX therapy Spa, Plateau Spa,  Massada Spa, Happy foot and many more





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