France: Catalogue of free occasions in Paris !


Fêtes and celebrations are in the Air during this time: Paris has an extensive variety of free occasions throughout the entire year. Discover more!

The Paris logbook is pressed with free occasions. Shows, celebrations, open air film screenings and a large group of different occasions liven up the city’s social program lasting through the year. A few of these occasions have moved toward becoming apparatuses on the timetable and are interested in all for free…


Free events in Paris in September

The European Heritage Days happen on the third few days of September: a chance to investigate exhibition halls, private manors, services and even the patio nurseries of the Élysée without spending a penny!


In end-September, the absolute most mystery cultivates in France welcome guests amid the Fête des Jardins. The occasion gives an opportunity to participate in activities, for example, guided visits, plantation workshops, recreations, musical shows and strolls.


Free event in Paris in October

In October, the Nuit blanche is a much-awaited event for art and culture lovers. On this eventful nights’, many works by contemporary specialists are shown in spots like cathedrals, exhibition halls, the Seine quaysides and the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin.

Nuit blanche

What’s more, if you are science enthusiasts don’t miss the Fête de la science. Founded in 1991, the fête plans to make a link between established researchers and the overall population through these free events.


October is fully devoted to exceptionally well known Fête des vendange de Montmartre. The program is inclusive of parades, shows, exhibitions and more.


Free events in Paris in December

In December, the skating arena is introduced on the square before the Hôtel de Ville (Paris City Hall). Anybody can utilize the arena without any fee. In case you feel like trying skating, you can borrow that for 6 euros.


Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Throughout the entire year, artists take free voyages through craftsmen’s studios in the areas of Belleville, Ménilmontant and Père-Lachaise, and along the Viaduc des Arts.



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