France: Top 10 Things Not To In Paris

The City of Love Paris has lots more to offer but there are few things to keep in mind while visiting this city to make it a memorable journey..

1) Do not pay any entrance fee : No Entry fee Required for visiting Louvre if..

A) You are under 18 years of Age
B) You are between 18-25 of age as EU citizen.
C) You visit the place on July 14 as the day observed as free admission day.
D) No entry fee is required on first Sundays for the months between April and October.

2) Do not waste money on Bottled water and asking water at the restaurants(unless you want carbonated). Carry your own bottle and fill it from Wallace fountains which you can find all over the city.

Fontaines de Paris


3) Avoid eating at tourist places like Latin quater. Instead, opt for native style food eating places which will allow you to save on food.

4) Do not buy tickets of any fetes and major attractions on the same day you plan as it will cost you more. Instead book everything on line in advance to avoid any last moment rush.

5) Do not waste money on any other mode to commute instead tour the city by Metro and be patient to get in after everybody step-out.

6) Do not forget to take the elevator when at Abbesses Metro Station, avoid taking stairs as its totally time consuming affair. It leads you to miss a metro since its too long steps.

7) Do not forget to book a night cruise to explore the city light’s reflection on the Seine river.

8) Do not forget to taste Italian food and other international delicacies all at decent price on the Rue Montorgueil in Les Halles district.



9) Do not just visit the Sacre Coeur Basilica and the Place du Terte while visting in Montmarte, there are places like Rue Caulaincourt, the Rue des Abbesses,and the Cafe des deux Moulins. The place is widely diverse in terms of art culture, you will find lots of artists here.



10) Do not afraid to ask for help whenever you got stuck, French natives are kind people ready to extend help even you face language issues.


Happy Voyage!


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