My other passion leads me to writing,thats is how this blog happened, shonali is a name which is given by my friends and since they are one of the important pages of my lifebook thats is why i name my blog as “Beingshonali(die hard fan of Salman khan too 🙂 . I am currently into the Human resourse profession which is further diversified me into training & development,counselling,interviewing,and mentoring people. I am very much open for learning new things in life and since last one and half year i have become fitness frek also (trust me one really need patience and hard work when it comes to challenging your body & mind).Why i thought of starting a blog? Well I am a keen leaner and observer too so i felt like I should share it with beautiful people like you”My life Mantra is-Dream..Learn…Share & Grow” which i further broadens like Be passionate about your dreams,learn to achieve it, feel proud to share and grow in life.In my blog you will read my articles about self improvement,carrier tips,relationships,social issues,motivational concepts and much more which will help you to grow & motivate in life..

Enjoy Reading…:-)




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