North America: Top 16 Free Things To Do In Boston,MA

Best Time To Visit: June to October


The city Boston, capital of Massachusetts in U.S has so much free tings to do on its plate including museums, tours, events, entertainment, places to eat and lots more, all with spending zero penny.

This walking city in new england have major tourist attractions- Presently no doubt about it—this isn’t a rundown of below average goals out in suburbia where the transports don’t run. These are real vacation destinations, the vast majority of which are in the downtown zone and inside simple strolling separation of inns and metro stops.


For first time travelers or visitors to Boston, you might need to peruse the city’s history and look at the introduction delineate via wikipedia (

People’s money and time have gone into saving Boston’s rich history and legacy for you to appreciate. All it will cost you to encounter it without spending much.

With regards to a city in America to visit for classical importance, it’s difficult to beat Boston. It’s basically difficult to walk a couple of steps any place without appreciating the progressive milestone, and through these trails and areas, you’ll find the richness of the city and its kin’s past, absorbing an instructive affair while having a ton of fun also. Seem like a decent arrangement?

Here my List of Top 16 Things To Do in Boston:


1) The Boston Freedom Trail: The place also popularly known as Old Boston. You can explore this 2.5 miles long track on your foot to experience the nation’s history just by following the red-bricked trail which will allow you to see the sixteen historical sites like

old state meeting house


Image:  The Old State Meeting House.


The Faneuil Hall,

The Old South Meeting House( where the Boston Tea Party Began),



Image: Granary Cementary.

Granary Burying Ground and much more!

You can take free guide map at visitor’s center on Boston Common. Spend at least 2 to 3 hours for must see sites and in case if you can free your whole day then nothing like that as it will allow you to see all sites.


2) The Black Heritage trail: The Beacon Hill in U.S is worth visiting Boston neighborhood with its lanes, walled gardens and precarious red-bricked cobbled roads fixed with gas lights.
It’would be more satisfying to stroll in, even more, when you will end up locating the magnificent Black Heritage Trail.


Image: Black Heritage Trail


The Trail comprises of fourteen sites starting at the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial before the State House and turning through the slope around note-worthy Louisburg Square, Charles Street, and Phillips Street before completion at the African Meeting House.


black heritage

Image: Robert Gould Shaw Memorial


Free atlas is accessible at the Abiel Smith School. Officer guided trips.

Entry Fees: FREE all six days from Monday to Saturday.


3) The Massachusetts State House: The other site to visit on Beacon Hill is a historical art work of Charles Bullfinch’s of 1798 and also one of the oldest building in Boston.

the state house MA

The classic gold gleaming dome was first canvassed in copper in 1802 and in the end plated with gold leaf in 1874. There are many rooms and halls to visit and constitutional designs to appreciate.

Entry Fees: FREE and led by staff and volunteers covering the history and engineering of the State House.

Visiting Time: 8 am to 6 pm (Mon-Fri)- Spend 30-45 minutes.

Closed on weekends.

Note: Tours are given at 10 am to 3.30 pm ( Mon-Fri)


4) The Boston Common and Public Gardens: Boston Common is the most established stop in America.

Boston Common

Today Frog Pond, models, free summer theater exhibitions, and sanctuary seats shaded by maples give a desert spring in the encompassing concrete and red block structures of Massachusetts’ capital city.

boston common fountain.jpg

The Public Gardens are a short stroll crosswise over Charles Street that splits these two segments of Boston’s significant sanctuary.

The Gardens have a more formal design and the prevalent Lagoon was included in 1871. The renowned Swan Boats have been functioning since 1877.


Image: Swan Boats

The formal presentations of blossoms in spring and summer are awe inspiring, until the fall of the momentary trees.

In case you’re around at noon, do like every other person and grab something to eat from a seller and spread out on the grass and enjoy your own peaceful space.


5) The Bunker Hill Monument: The site is honored by the 221-foot rock pillar and is regarded as the first dominant war of the revolutionary battle foretells the history of Charles Town community.


bunkar hill museum

One end of that trail is Bunker Hill and the other is Boston Common, America’s oldest public park.

The museum is right across the street from the monument and a 5-minute walk from the Warren Tavern which is the oldest pub in Charles town and one of the first buildings rebuilt after the British burned the town to the ground at the onset of the famous battle. (There are other pubs and restaurants in the area too.)


Image: Inside Warren Tavern


The last thing to note, the museum and monument are within a 15-minute walk to the U.S.S. Constitution, and its museum, the U.S.S. Cassin Young (1945 Navy destroyer), the (outdoor) Korean War Memorial, and the Charles-town Navy Yard within which there are other restaurants and sites to see.

The Bunker Hill Monument.jpg

Image: The Bunkar Hill

Time required to Explore the whole place: 1 hour approx including reaching the top.The first and second floors worth paying a visit and you can find restrooms(bathrooms)in the basement of the building, a small gift shop, and British artifacts within the building.

Entry Fees: FREE

Visiting Hours: Daily at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ( last monument climb at 4.30 pm in winters and 5.30 in summers).

In Summers: July- August.
Visiting Hours: Daily at 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.


6) USS Constitution: Divert your footsteps to the Charles town Navy Yard, which is a creating zone with bunches of apartment suites and an extra site for Massachusetts General Hospital. Here you will locate the USS Constitution Museum.


USS Constitution Museum..jpg

Image: USS Constitution Museum.

The historical site is propelled in 1797 to give assurance to American boats cruising the North African drift, “Old Ironsides” saw its most significant activity in the War of 1812 when it crushed HMS Guerriere in a 35-minute fight that in one occasion anticipated the United States into a super maritime power.

USS-Constitution- Iron sides.jpg

Image: Charles-town Navy Yard

Today this amazing ship is for all time docked at the Charles-town Navy Yard and offers free voyages through the ship at regular intervals.

After you’re done, jump on a MBTA ship at the dock on Baxter road and headover to the Central walf you will reach New England Aquarium.


7) The New England Aquarium: The Aquarium is engaged with whale protection projects and leads whale watch travels amid the season, however an additional expense is required.

new england aqua 2.jpg

Image : The New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium allows you to cherish the natural things like the huge sea tank with the sharks and monster turtles swimming around together.


This Family packed site is regarded as a major tourist attraction and heavily occupied during holidays. When you are done, head your ways to 5 minutes walk distance to Quincy market to beat your Hunger.

Visiting Hours: Mon-Fri ( 9 am to 5 pm), Weekends: (9 am to 6 pm).

Entry Fees: Free passes will accommodate upto 4 people from June – September ( excluding admission to the IMAX Theater).

Quick tip: Buy on line tickets to avoid any last minute rush.

You can avail Free tickets for general confirmation are accessible from the Boston Public Library free ticket program.

For more details visit about tickets and discounts:


8) Grab Free lunch at the Quincy market: The Quincy Market is a five-minute stroll to the New England Aquarium, The Children’s Museum, The Old State House, and Paul Revere’s House by means of the lovely Rose Kennedy Green way or ideal along the waterfront.


The Market is a crowded but great place to visit if you’re looking for shopping and a variety of places to eat. Everything from restaurants to quick treats just under one roof.


The place is more recommended for grabbing a bite during lunch hours. You can also book a table at your most loved Italian eatery in the North End at late evenings.

This place gives you a quick break from your sightseeing from the Boston freedom trial to other tourist attraction sites.

You will also find variety of street performers entertaining the crowd here.

Outdoor_Entertainment- quincy market

Quincy Market has their International Food Festival on every Wednesday so you can nibble on sample foods for FREE among hundreds of variety of snacks and other eateries- a good steal for food lovers.


inside-quincy market

Image: Inside Quincy Market


Visting time: 10 am to 9 pm (Mon-Sat).
12 noon to 6 pm (Sunday).


9) The Faneuil Hall: In the core of downtown Boston, you will locate , the waterfront, the North End, Government Center and Hay-market.

south market building at faneuil hall.jpg

Image: The Fanueil Hall Market

One of the great things about the hall is that you can get pretty much any food you want.

Unlike most food “courts” that are dominated by chain restaurants, this is a true Boston local restaurant with everything from smoothies to Pad Thai, Lobster rolls or meatballs, chocolates, cookies, pies, gyros, and gelato.



You can join their Street Performers Festival if you visit in Late May.


quincy 5

            Image: Glimpse of Street Performance


10) The Old North Church: The historical cathedral is in Boston’s extremely popular North End neighborhood, a territory known more for Italian eateries and baked good shops as opposed to a standout amongst the most prominent events leading to the progressive war.


Image: Statue of Paul Revere in front of The Old North Church


The Clo-ugh House, on the grounds of Old North Church, highlights Captain Jackson’s Historic Chocolate Shop and the Print Shop of Ede’s and Gill.

captain jacksons.jpg

Image: Captain Jackson’s


You can also encounter live showings of eighteenth-century chocolate making and printing forms.


Image:  Print Shop of Ede’s and Gill.


You may observe Robert Newman held up two lights as a flag from Paul Revere that the British were walking to Lexington and Concord via ocean and not land from the cupola of the cathedral.

old north church.jpg

Image: Inside North Old Church

Despite the fact that the cupola itself has been supplanted twice since the lamps were burning— makes for a blending enthusiastic sight.

One intriguing incidental data note: In the storm cellar of Old North Church are thirty-seven tombs containing the remaining parts of more than a thousand previous individuals from the congregation’s gathering.

Old-North-Church boston.jpg

The visit and looks are free yet the essential guided visit, in the event that you need it, is a $1 gift (still a steal).

Visiting hours:

Jan-Feb: 10 am to 4 pm.
Mar-May: 9 am to 5 pm.
Jun-Oct: 9 am to 6 pm.
Nov-Dec: 9 am to 5 pm.


11) The Marriott’s Custom House: This Boston Harbor water-front landmark building was sold to Marriott Hotels.

marriot custom house.jpg

Image: The Custom House

You can stay at this place on a timeshare basis(confirm this with hotel management) if you are planning to stay in Boston for a week or more.

This place is at the center of the city allowing you to visit major tourist attraction within walking distance and Uber rides to other sites, whole in whole a win win deal for your pockets.



Image: A view from 26th floor, Marriots

Entry Fees: FREE tour by appointment includes a trip to the 26th-floor open-air observation balcony and the Rotunda lobby.

lobby rotuda

Image: Rotuda Lobby Museum


Visiting Time: 24 hours

Book your stay:


12) The Blue Hills Reservation: The natural beauty- sanctuary is spread over the area of approx 2833 hectares is reachable just in 30 minutes drive located approx ten miles outside Boston.

blue hills boston.jpg

Image: Blue Hills Reservation

You will get a chance to explore this natural beauty through forests and wetlands, hills, and more.

You will engage yourself in the recreational activities like Picnicking, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Ice skating, Horse riding any much more.

skyline trail blue hills.jpg

Image: The Skyline trail.

The Summit of Great Blue Hill is the reservation’s high point at 635 feet and has a perception tower offering perspectives of the Boston Skyline and encompassing field.

blue hill 3.jpg

This place is open all around the year from Morning To late evening which makes it a stand out among the major tourist attractions free things to do in Boston.


13) The Emerald Necklace: There is a collection of six parks calling it a Emerald Necklace over six miles namely The Back Bay Fens, The River-way, The Olmsted Park, The Jamaica Park, The Arnold Arboretum and The Franklin Park.


Image: The Olmsted Park


You can reach the first park by taking the route from the Boylston street which is close to Museum of Fine Arts.

The Back Bay Fens

Image: The Bay Back Fens

The parks are fully equipped with green open areas, water streams, small lakes, Flora & Fauna, Bridges, and even a zoo at Franklin Park ( Entry fee is required  for entry in zoo).

franklin zoo

These jewels of the Boston is created by Frederick Law Olmsted are an inheritance of the natives and the commonwealth avenue of the Massachusetts.


14) Watch Movies for Free at the Hatch Shell: This place is very popular for the events,concerts and firework, the famous 4th July Boston celebrations take place here only. You can reach this shell by footbridge from Beacon Hill.

fireworks at the hatch shell

Image:  4th July Boston celebrations

The lane is popularly known as “Esplanade” since the Charles River running down along the area.




Image: People watching movie

If you get a chance to visit this city between mid-June to the end of August, you can see a popular family movie every Friday evening under the stars for no cost.

Note: Do not forget to carry your warmers and sweaters .


15) Stargaze at Coit Observatory: If you ever dream of gazing stars after a scrumptious dinner, then this place in Boston university is a place to be.


You can take your family also as the place is open to public. You can observe the night sky through telescopes and binoculars, can see things which you might not see with your naked eyes.



Image: Coit Observatory


Do not forget to take your warmers, sweaters along, you might feel cold since its an outside event.

Feel cosy and enjoy this FREE heavenly experience.


Visit Hours/Program Begins: 7.30pm(Winters), 8.30pm(Summers), Every Wedneday through out the year.

Quick Note: This place is limited in space, better arrive early otherwise you will not be permitted once their program starts.

B) The staff has started admitting ticket guests before 10 minutes before the event start and they allow non-ticketed guests until they reach capacity.

C) This whole event is based on weather conditions so better you call at 617-353-2630( for information.

16) The Adams Brewery Tour: The city Boston is well known for its brewery culture, yet Samuel Adams was the one that began it all.



The brew founder offers free every day voyages through its Jamaica Plain space, amid which you can sniff and obviously, taste the samples.



Image: Samuel Adams Brewhouse

In case you’re a morning person, we recommend you hit up the 9:40 am. Morning Mash In visit.


Here I come to the end for Top 16 Free Things you can do in Boston, MA. Hope you all find it interesting and well, also keep me updated!

Happy Voyage- Stay Safe Be on Budget !