South America: Top 9 Things Not To Do in Brazil !


You must have read my write up on Top things to do in Brazil but in order to enjoy the trip to this beautiful city in South America, you must also know what things you should avoid having lifetime experience.

Here is a quick List of Top 9 Things Not to do:


1) Do not Make finger circle: Do not dare to make any finger circle in Brazil as this gesture is taken very offensive there,


brazil gestures

this literally means ” Screw you” so be watchful with your gestures, on the other hand, a thumb up means “all good” and is commonly used.


2) Do not be Impatient: The lifestyle of Brazilians are little laid back. They prefer to do things in their own way within their own comfort zone. You will observe immensely Big ques from ATM’s to supermarkets, people move slowly here.

Being punctual get tough time in Brazil so you need to be more patient here because being impatient does not get you too far, even if a Brazilian commit you to reach on time saying “I am arriving” – this often means that they are still at Home but will reach soon so having patience work here.


3) Do not Try to speak in Spanish: Brazilians prefer to speak in Portuguese while the rest of South America speaks Spanish but both languages are least interchangeable.

If you do not know Portuguese try to communicate in English instead of Spanish with them since they understand and speak little of English, they always relish this opportunity to practice.

If you can learn commonly use phrases in Portuguese, Brazilians will find that attractive and would accommodate you whenever you need any help.


4) Do not cheer for Argentina: While watching a soccer in Brazil even if you are the craziest fan of any of the Argentina soccer team, do not show any kind of admiration towards them.

Argentina among other South American neighbors faces fierce rivalry with Brazil so showing any kind of cheering up might attract eyebrows towards you.


5) Do not flaunt your Expensive items: There are cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo which are high in crime rates especially thefts.

Be careful while strolling in these cities, they are indeed worth visiting but not on the cost of your expensive belongings.

While visiting do not carry any expensive phone, do not wear expensive watch(replace above with inexpensive copies), be careful with your camera hide it when you are not using the it, keep less money or hide it in your belt or socks or anywhere you find safe and do not carry your passport and credit card with you. Be careful Be Safe.


6) Do not disrespect their Food: Brazilian beef is famous all over the world and they feel proud of their feast including barbecued chicken hearts and cow-foot soup.


Most of the Brazilians are brilliant food lovers particularly when it comes to meat, in case you feel any disapproval against any of the dishes, you are free to opt for standard food but do not express your distaste and disrespect by making foul faces as that may offend those who are enjoying their food.


7) Do not Criticize Brazil: The native of Brazil is very vocal about their nation since they are also frustrated by the corruption and social injustice but be careful before blurting out anything against Brazil.

Undoubtedly Brazilians love their country and they wouldn’t like it when any outsider talk ill about their country so be watchful with your words even if they themselves are criticizing, better to praise their country if you want to win their hearts and make friendship.


8) Do not be too clingy to share your Beer: Brazilians love drinking chilled beers and they invite themselves if they caught you with a chilled beer bottle in a Bar.

The most famous way to drink beer is to order a 700-ml bottle with as many small glasses as drinkers and do not fussy in sharing also if you do not want to attract any unfriendly odd glances from the people there because they believe in sharing is caring attitude.


9) Do not lose your Consumption card: There are many Bars and night clubs in Brazil which operates on Consumption card system. Each customer is given an individual card on entry to record Sip and Dine orders.

You will need to submit the same at the time of settling down the Bill, failure to which can lead you to some extremely heavy fines and wrathful security staff, so keep a check on it.


So here is my end of list on Top 9 Things not to do in Brazil to keep you safe in a city and have wonderful voyage 🙂 Do not forget to comment and share your touring experiences.