NYC- Top 12 Free Things To DO

Best Time to visit: April to June and September to early November.

Cheapest Time: Mid January to end Feb.

NYC- The Newyork city is one of the richest and largest cities in the United States of America. The city being as a center of power, culture, and commerce is famously known as ‘The Big Apple’, or just ‘The City’. Each year, thousands of tourist have this city to visit on their bucket list.

The NYC is one of the popular destinations for food, amusement parks, fashion, research, trade, ferries, media, art, and culture.

Still, we manage to find in this city which offers 13 Free things to do.Here we go!


1) Explore Central Park(West): If you feel like strolling in some beautiful garden or having a picnic plan, then this is the place to be. The garden offers you a wonderful family picnic time along with the location views from some famous movie scenes like The Avengers, Senerditipity, The Hitch, and When Harry Met Sally, try while having fun in recalling those scenes from any of your favorite mentioned movies.

Entry is FREE

Time: 6 am to 1 am (All Days open)

central park ny


2) Visit Art Galleries: If you are passionate about art, then this city fulfill your dreams as Newyork city has some of the most wonderful museums under their hat. Good News that the entry of most of the amazing museums like the Bronx Museum of the Arts, National Museum of the American Indian, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology are entirely free of cost.

bronx museum


On the other hand, there are other popular art galleries like Museum of Modern Art permit entry on every Friday from 4 pm through 8 pm whereas hosts special events on every first Saturday of the month and Yes, Entry in both the above art galleries are FREE on their mentioned dates and time.Brooklyn MuseumImage: Brooklyn Museum


3) Watch Live Events: Everyone knows that NYC is a city of entertainment also and also a home to so many Hollywood stars. You may fortunate to watch the making of some fabulous Television shows and also some other Audience Live television shows which permit audience free of cost.

free events NY.jpg

Some of the most popular of such shows on the list are America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The View, Good Morning America, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

You may book your tickets FREE on line or by attending in a waiting queue, although it’s little time-consuming activity but trust me it will give you an amazing experience when you watch your favorite or less favorite celebrities Live.


4) Visit Bryant Park: Do you ever Dream of watching Live Movie Screening or Making of your any movie song, if your answer is Yes, then you may head to Bryant Park. The garden is famous for hosting such Screening of classical Movies like Footloose, Chinatown, and Back to Future and Performances by biggest Broadway hits like The Wicked, Kinky Boots, Matilda, and Chicago.

Bryant Park

Although, Entry is Free! but a twist in the story is these screenings take place only during Summers 🙂


5) Delacorte Theatre: If you are open to experimenting little on the traditional front then you must try Shakespeare in the Park. They make you watch one of the most popular theatre performances at the open-air theatre in the Central Park West, very popular in NYC.


The performances are managed by the Newyork City arts organization. The well known Public Theatre runs the donations to support and fund the performances on stage. For Free Tickets, you need to stand in a queue which is given on the same day of the event.


6) Visit Botanical Gardens: The Newyork city has two very popular Botanical gardens named The New York Botanical Garden and The Queens Botanical Garden.
The vision and mission of both the gardens is to promote the city’s architecture, public space, and the future of urban life by educating in their own style.

An iconic museum called The Newyork Botanical Garden which is well known for its educational institution, a renowned plant research, and the conservative organization. The Newyork Botanical Garden is distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and massive collections and gardens.

Free Entry on Wednesday and Saturdays (9 am to 10 am).

The New York Botanical GardenImage: The New York Botanical Garden


Queens Botanical Garden(QBG) holds innovative educational cultural programs, photo contest, adult programs, and the real-world applications of environmental stewardship which permit FREE Entry on Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 4.30 pm ( November through March).

queens botanical garden
Image: The Queens Botanical Garden


7) NYC’s Wildlife Park: If you are looking for some cool trip for your kids or Birthday celebrations then, just explore the Zoo’s in the Newyork city. The most popular Zoo is which permits FREE Entry for all between 2 pm to 4.45pm only on Wednesdays; other days Entry is paid and Free for members & Children of Age 2 and below. Staten Island Zoo Image: Staten Island Zoo



8) Island Ferry: You may get a chance to ride on which operates between St. George Ferry Terminal and the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhatten free of cost. The Ride took place approx 25 minutes with a gap of 15 minutes to half an hour depend on different days which allows people to get a good view of the Newyork City Skyline and Landmarks.

Staten Island ferry


9) Visit Museum at the World Trade Centre: The whole world still remembers and mourns when that horrifying 9/11 event took place on September 11, 2001. So if you feel like visiting 9/11 Memorial where twin memorial pools with the names of the 1993 and 2001 bombing victim inscribed in bronze are displayed, Entry is FREE of cost and open for all between 7.30 am to 9 pm on daily basis.

Museum at the World Trade Centre


10) NewYork Public Library: If you have a passion for reading, you must visit Rose Main Reading Room at the NYPL. The interior of the library will amaze you with murals and chandeliers making the perfect atmosphere for your reading book mood and you may also peek at the Gutenberg Bible or the imitation of the original Declaration of Independence.

NewYork Public LibraryImage: NewYork Public Library


11) Stroll the Brooklyn Bridge: You must take a stroll on Brooklyn bridge once you landed in the city for the free scenic view on early weekdays.



12) Stargazing at the High Line: The Free Elevated garden which is everybody’s favorite gets better on Tuesday Evenings. You may experience the stargazing through public telescopes open for Public for FREE from the Amateur Astronomers Association between West 15th and 16th streets.

targazing at the High Line.jpg

Here, we come to an end of our Free to do List, Plan your trip let us know about your experience in the comment section.

Travel Safe! Be on Budget!

Naples, Florida- Top 10 Free Things To DO.

Naples, which is situated on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida as one of the pricey travel when it comes to spending a holiday but it still offers some of the affordable places which you can enjoy on this wealthy ground.



You can enjoy getting out in nature, Hiking, paddling a kayak, watching birds, spotting dolphin, diving to find seashells and soaking under the sun are one of
the beauties of this place.

The beaches of Naples, Bonita Springs, and Macro Island are all free things you can enjoy as these are open to the public without any fees. YES; Parking fees do apply, but if you prefer to come on your bicycles and walking- YOU PAY NOTHING..(Win-Win situation).

Do not leave the Collier County, Florida, the United States without exploring its four excellent historical museums and walk along Naples City Pier that is free and highly kids and adults friendly.

Let’s get started with the Top 10 Best Budget-Friendly Places in the fishing and dolphin-spotting destination-Naples, Florida(USA).


1) Big Cypress National Preserve: If you are looking for spending a peaceful time in nature listening and enjoying the sounds of the frogs, limp-kins, thunder and rain and other Glades sounds. It does not get better than traveling the water trails of Big Cypress National Preserve that too on when you are on Budget. Better to Begin exploring at the new free Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Centre and take loop road for the best wildlife sight-seeings.

Bobcat (Lynx rufus)


The preserve neighbor to Everglades National Park which covers more than 7 lakh acres of land and is also home to rare to found and watch animals like Florida panther, Florida Manatee, and all the alligators. Its Free of cost Oasis Visitor Centre offers environment and ranger programs in case you are interested.


2) Collier County Museum: It is one of the excellent five-campus empire locations in Naples perseverates about one million years of South-west Florida history. The area is stretched in more than 10 thousand sq-ft space apprise diversified ancient mastodons, ceremonial masks by primitive people. An Ice Age giant corpus ground
sloth hanging from the ceiling welcome visitors.


There are other outside attractions for exploration like in-house museum gardens, restored cottages, a quintessential swamp buggy that kids can enjoy climb into, a working archaeological lab, a 1910 steam engine from the country’s cypress-logging era and a converted Seminole fort and Calusa Indian camp.


3) Paradise Coast Blue-way: If you are looking for more closeup and raw experience in nature; you must take a paddle tour in Naples backyard Everglades. The whole 73-mile long development efforts start with the ten thousand Islands section (Phase 1) all GPS- marked trail routes which cover the wilderness zones in one long trail from Everglades National park to Good land on Macro Island and most challenging adventurous six days short trip trails.


The trail provides you the experience of watching secluded beaches, mangrove-forest islands, and shallow backwater swarming with birds, dolphin, and fishes. There are extended phase 2 covering routes through Rookery Bay from the Gorden Pass area and phase 3 covers a coastal route along the beaches to the northern county line.

For Bookings:


4) Macro Island Historical Museum: The ancient Calusa Indian civilization which was established in 1896 by archaeologist Frank Hamilton Cushing, spreads throughout Southwest Florida. The importance of the museum is its remarkable and influential 6-inch wooden effigy named as the Key Marco Cat and a room devoted to Marco Island’s early development and pioneer days.



You will find a lot of information about Marco from its original inhabitants to the modern era and two exhibit rooms devoted to Calusa culture. There is this mini gift
shop with cute items which is also affordable from the local artist. There are no entry fees, however, donations are well appreciated.


5) Naples City Pier: The place is 1000 ft long stretches out from Naples municipal beach and has been an area landmark for attracting millions of tourists, and the
native people. You also get the opportunity to just stroll on a peaceful place as
other tourists and even natives love to do during sunrise and sunset listening to the sound of the waves and watching the dolphins and fishes.



The Pier accentuates with restrooms, showers, a concession stands with a covered eating area, and beach supplies. Parking is a bit tricky so better grab the first spot you find and if you are lucky to be friends with the natives; it will help you to
grab the beach passes. The place is close proximity to the restaurants, ship store, and shop.


6) South Marco Beach: A fantastic place to spend the time if you are planning a family outing with kids, while strolling on the beach enjoying feeling your feet on the white sand, watching calm waves, starfish, and dolphins in the clean water, playing water sports, gathering the shells, relaxing sunset view. They also rent chairs and umbrellas; Yoga is also available at very affordable rates.



The Beach is little tricky when it comes to restrooms and public parking- they have paid to park for $8 and then a short walk to the beach.


7) Ten Thousand Islands: The place famously named as Marsh Trial which is a cluster of mangroves haven which is fed by a flow of fresh rainfall into the Florida bay is one of the world’s most mysterious places where Florida haven breaks
apart into thousands of small tiny pieces. There was a time when this unusual
jigsaw puzzle was only accessible through water by the air boats, canoe, and kayak but now the first quarter mile is paved and wheelchair accessible.

The Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge added a resource which creates out and back hike into the mangrove mazes and Entry is free.


Ten Thousand Islands

In case you are a birder then, a newly opened observation tower which provides you the opportunity for wildlife photography that too without any charges and viewing
definitely a Bonus!

Best Place for Hikers and who would like to explore the place by bicycles as bikes are allowed on the trail which is in open- no shade.If you are planning for kayaking, assure to have a map with you before heading into the wilds and in case you bring your pet especially a dog, beware of the alligators.


8) Naples Depot Museum: The place foretells the history of city’s transformation which was once an ancient village, now with the help of railroads has become a
flourishing tourist destination.

You may find a movie which plays at every seven minutes in the museum’s windows, leaving you with mesmerizing experience of watching the circa 1927 Orange Blossom Special hauling into the station.



The cherished site is located in the downtown Naples and listed as Historic Places on the National Register featuring the local history from the Seminoles designed caves to the marshland buggies and the three credible rail cars alongside the depot.


9) Otter Mound Preserve: The place on Marco Island was once the headquarters for the ancient Calusa Tribe- later owned by Ernest Otter. The Calusa archaeological hidden site and it’s illustrative manured pathway trail which is still full with ancient whelks alongside tells the history of primitive Indians who once lived in this place.



The owner has reinvented the place by using the hundreds of whelk shells which they left behind defining their shellfish rich diet to line terraces around the
property in 1940 and above.


10) The Naples Preserve: The small yet fabulous flora and fauna place is best called as Tamiami Trail which allows you to stroll into the area and see how the area used to look like before development dating back nearly 10,000 years. You may find black racer snake, turtles, Air plants, red pines, and palmettos. Better to pick easy to use laminated guides as you step into the boardwalk which will guide your kids and you to know which fauna they need to keep watch for.


naples preserve

There is also an Eco-system house with gave stress on interactive programs and panorama view featuring the preserve’s flora and fauna.

We are now end of the list, do explore this place in weekends or plan a holiday and share your experiences in the comment section.

Stay Safe Travel in Budget!