“Train your Mind to love yourself”

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Mind is the most powerful tool we all human beings have as it controls our body and we live life based on the quality of thoughts we have. Our life is shaped by the quality of thoughts we become what we think. When our mind dips in an ocean of joy the same reflect in our thoughts and we start feeling joy and happy in every thing and when our mind is in darker side it starts developing negative thoughts. Now the question is how to train your mind to stop from negative thinking and start thinking in positive way. First we should understand the reasons and situations why our mind start thinking in the negative manner. In other words we should first understand the process our mind thinks under different situations. None of us is a negative person by birth its all depend on our environment and situations. Let us consider the factors which lead our mind to these negative thoughts. The very first thing we need to do is not to stop your thoughts because when we stop anything we will rethink it over again and again. Let your thoughts pass like black clouds passing through the blue sky, have you ever noticed black clouds passing and after some days sometimes on that very day sky clears and sun shines, our thoughts are also work like this do not stop them from thinking every thought will pass in its time. Do not give power to your negative thoughts because if you gave them power you are giving them right to ruin your life. On the other hand there are other practical reasons our thoughts develops that is based on the company or circle of people where we spend most of our time and it is very obvious that our mind get distracted with every type of thoughts which you share in your circle or your circle share with you it is called exchanging of your thoughts. Our mind never sleeps it can only be relaxed and calm.You all will notice huge difference in the circle of positive people and negative people under different situations even you notice the difference in the behavior of your thoughts under the influence of these two positive and negative circles which further means that there is a need to keep your circle and surroundings in check because it definitely influence your thought process. More interaction with positive peoples more positive and happy thoughts and less interaction with negative people less negative and rigid thoughts so avoid negative people as much as you can or at least distance your self from their negative aura. Our subconscious mind records every event of our life whether good or bad. Mind is not triggered by one unfruitful or bad thought it got triggered when lots of similar type of events starts happening in our lives and it is only our mind which repeats those events and dominate our lives. Some events happened in life that leaves strong impact on our mind that it rewinds those events in form of thoughts again and again that we start visualizing it in our dreams like if anybody is going through a bad phase in life in terms of relationship or having disturbed professional life or not getting to their goals in lives. It all happens because somewhere in our mind we feel guilty of ourselves and blame ourselves for those events that occur in our life and that are where we surrender to negativity. To get rid of such thoughts first stop blaming yourself and start admiring yourself for such beautiful blessed life you got, those bad events happened not because of you it might happened because of the wrong decisions or wrong persons you have in your life and that’s ok if you commit any mistake we all are human beings and mistakes are the greatest teachers we all learn from them there is this famous quote “Don’t waste time in grieving over past mistakes learn from them and move on”. Committing mistakes are necessary in order to transform you into the better person. Do not be so harsh on your self train your mind by instructing it to forget and forgive and let all the unwanted thoughts go, forgive your mistakes and bad experiences of your life and thank life for teaching you so that you grow and become stronger in life. Train your mind to frame positive thoughts and see positive side of even unfruitful event that if it that bad experience had not happened into your life you will not be able to learn and grow in life, Bad experiences are required in our lives in order to makes us believe in ourselves to make us even more stronger. Life does not end with the events which occur in our lives it is all in our mind that start or end things in life. We admire so many people in our lives and somewhere we wish to become like them reason is that they celebrate each moment of their lives and we attracted towards their happiness and joy in life. So why we cant become one of  them we all have beautiful minds why shall we not stop cribbing and start appreciating little things we have in our lives, we all are intelligent and unique in our own way we just need to work on ourselves by training your mind to love yourself.

“Building Lasting Relationship”

Lasting relationship demands total commitment & unconditional love



Relationships are important part of everybody’s life. Most part of our life depends directly or indirectly on the relationships we are having and encounter with. We feel happy being in a healthy relationship and vice versa. We depends our happiness on having a close relationship or love relationship that we forget to love ourselves for being the person we truly are. If you really want to work on your relationship first you need to work on you in order to get things right back on track in your close relationship.

Many surveys & research in this particular area shows that being in a healthy relationship not only enhances one’s personal growth but also helps to lead a balanced and happy life. We have seen so many couples who are unhappy with their partners and they  do not aware of their minor mistakes which in turn going towards becoming the bigger…

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Scary Driving: Une invitation de mort prématurée

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There are over so many articles on road accidents with fatal results in newspapers and internet is flooded with after accident images but still the rate of accidents is increasing every year. Untimely deaths due to negligence in driving especially the victims are between the age group of 18-25 and also the teenagers without driving license staking others life walking on road. Driving itself comes with the responsibility which further includes the people who are passengers and also the people walking on road or using road in any convenient mode. When a driver is not careful while driving or distract due to any reason it gave birth to fatal results resulting to accidents or collisions, some are unintentional but some are due to the driver’s bad driving habits which not only put his own life in danger but also the life of other person on road and the passengers who are driving along with him.

Most of the accidents took place due to the scary or bad driving habits which further diversified as dangerous driving including over speed or tailgating, carelessness; distraction and violation of safety laws are listing the top chart for such accidents.

  • Dangerous Driving – Dangerous driving is one of the leading causes of roadway accidents today which results into dreadful crashes. Indian roads were at their deadliest in 2014 claiming more than 16 lives every hour on average. Over 1.41 lakh people died in crashes, 3% more than the number of fatalities in 2013(source: the times of India) and dangerous driving is one of the common reasons behind such fatalities.

Sub reasons for Dangerous Driving

  • Carelessness– Besides dangerous driving, accidents can be caused due to careless drivers. These include violation of traffic rules and safety laws, ignoring the safety signals and driver’s careless approach to changing road conditions. Some drivers ignore yellow lights, do not bother   to a complete stop at a stop sign, forget following safety laws while turning left and right and biggest mistake “Drive without seat belt”.
  • Distraction– Attending phone calls or browsing on cell phones, texting messages and drinking alcohol while driving are biggest accident prone reasons and comes under distraction activities putting other life on stake besides putting your own life too.
  • Speeding or Tailgating: Survey reports noted over-speeding accounted for about 1.7 lakh crashes and nearly 49,000 deaths and dangerous/careless driving or tailgating claimed another42000-plus lives in 1.4 lakh crashes especially on national highways where traffic is also huge and young generation enjoys playing speed games using loud music, louder the music more the speed putting everybody in danger.

Above are the most common reasons for this daring game called “Driving”.

The key to safe driving is to follow safety laws by being attentive while operating a motor machine. It is required to avoid careless or distracted behavior. Drivers should stop using cell phones or texting while driving maintaining good distance and speed which can drastically reduce the risk of accidents. Poor drivers increase the risk of good driver’s life due to their own bad driving habits which can be avoided by developing good driver in you.

To conclude I remember one quote “Life is always a bumpy road eventually you just have to learn how to drive on it” J

Live-in Relationship in India -Awakening Call



Live-in relationship is becoming a trend these days and pacing very fast in our Indian society particularly the ratio is high in metro cities. On one hand west cultures are adopting Indian culture to which on the other hand our Indian society is adopting their unjustified culture of living together before sacred union called “marriage”. This live-in relationship is getting quite popular especially among the new generation and they are entering into just as the  trend going in our film industry which further encourging this concept.
Although being involved in a live-in relationship is a matter of individual decision, which, one should be free enough to take but at the same time one must be aware of its fatal consequences as every relationship is based on love, trust, understanding and commitment for whole life, one wrong step turns your life into miserable condition and when it comes to spending whole life with somebody who is a complete stranger to one, what matters more is that the emotional or mental requirements may get fulfilled. In many cases it has been observed that live-in sort of relations also do not guarantee a full life commitment, lack of patience in almost everything are the reasons which are giving rise to such concepts like flings, one night stand & live-in relationships but they forget if marriages can be broken so can live-in relationships be. What essential thing that is terribly missing today in any relationship is love, trust and commitment. Sometimes it takes few moments to understand someone and sometimes one cannot understand other during entire lifetime. Many of these live-in relationships ends with the  alarming experience note  still consider this relationship as  a tool for compatibility test passing wrong legacy to the future generation , do you really think it is that easy to move on after going through so much mental torture in life and with the beautiful feeling called “love experience “.
Live-in relationships are like quick fix thing, they are temporary in nature and involves lot of risks specifically for female partners as this ruin them emotionally as well physically so one has to be careful while entering into this type of relationship as you are directly or indirectly giving or accepting invitation to not so commitment based relationship. Many of people took this relationship in order to check their compatibility, what if according to one feels the compatibility and other don’t and comes in the sufferer zone. Survey has noted higher rate of separation in live in relationship couples as there is temporary romance than the long lasting trustworthy relationships.


To conclude Some people might be having good experiences but I personally feel Life is a bit complicated thing. It should be tested  to the  certain limits which involve less risks considering emotions & sensitive feelings.



Management guru- Gabbar singh

Gabbar Singh was a MANAGEMENT GURU as is reflected in some of the timeless management lessons he delivered thru the movie *Sholay.*
_Read On…They are awesome..!_👌
1. *Whosoever got scared – Assume him as Dead!*
Courage and enterprise are important factors for laying the successful foundation of a growth oriented business.
2. *How many men were there..??*
It’s important to know the competition and its size. He understood that even a small team can make a difference.
3. *Hey Sambha, How much is the prize money govt decided on me ?*
Know your market value. Promoting one’s own brand is very important and to be reiterated always.
4. *Bullets 6 And Men 3!*
Create an illusion where his insurbodinates had a chance of survival but kills them in the next scene. 
*Moral – Perform or ~perish~.*
5. *Taste the bullets*
Sometimes in the interest of the organisation you have to take hard and unpopular decisions…. 
So sometimes a leader has to ‘fire’ some employees.
6. *Which flourmill meal  these ramgarh people gave to their daughters.*
Market research is important to understand value propositions !!
7. *Gave these hands to me thakur.*
Identify elements of threats in the market and take measures to minimise them.
8. *When is the festival Holi approaching ?*
Conduct advance mapping of key events within the industry and devise penetration strategy to have a competitive edge over your rivals.😜😂🙏😜😂

“How to Land your dream Job”

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Whenever we think of getting a dream job we all get nervous because somewhere in our subconscious mind we want to crack the interview with flying colors but  fear of losing  in an interview that too for our dream job  make us panic and we fail to gave our Best. There are some Smart tips and tricks which can help you in getting your dream job and also helps in overcome the fear of  Rejection in an interview

  • Understand your Interest Area: Before opting for any type of job first identify your area of Interest and knowledge don’t take any job just for the sake of being employed because somewhere you will land up in wrong job. For Example: In case you are a graduate and you have a interest in banking segment but you got a opportunity to work in other segment with very lucrative salary now what will you do 95% will go for this job remaining 5% will chase their dream job and get placed .Getting a job is not difficult but getting dream job is what makes the difference.


  • Make transparent clear Resume: After understanding your area of interest there is a need of making your Curricular Vitae because your resume is just like a mirror of your personality and what you are looking for in the job market. Ensure not to fabricate your resume in order to get your dream job instead if you make transparent clear resume it will help you to grab your dream job more quickly because like you Organizations are also looking for their desired candidates so they will easily catch your loophole if you deceive them thus one ended up in losing his dream job.


  • Honest & Positive approach: Always remember one need to be honest and positive both professionally and personally in order to get something in life. Be honest while answering your interview questions and in case you are not able to answer it’s ok never mind be positive about it instead of giving wrong answers. Feel free to express or ask if you don’t understand it or do not know it. Be flexible in approach and organization do like those candidates who are flexible rather than having rigid approach.


  • Fear of Rejection : When one think of getting our dream job one become more conscious and nervous about fear of rejection and losing the opportunity which hit our brain cells thus result in anxiety, mental stress & lower the self confidence. To overcome the fear of rejection train your mind to calm down in this situation by taking deep breaths. Tell your brain with confidence that “I feel pleasure to gave interview for my dream job and will gave my best no matter how difficult it will appear” and then Smile. Try this mantra because this is my personal mantra and I have tried it in so many difficult situations and trust me it takes away all my anxiety and helps me in boosting my confidence to perform well. Always remember we all are Human beings and we commit mistakes and learn from them. There is not only one opportunity that will get you dream job but one will get ample of it” if one is open to fight its fear of Rejection in life”.


  • Understand your Skill set: Look for companies which are matching your skill set it not only saves your time but organization’s time too. Keep updating your skills as per the your target market standards. If you are looking for dream Job, organizations are also looking for their desired candidates and in order to keep balance develop yourself in such a way that company can see you as their Asset and also would like you to join their organization once they aware of the benefits you will bring in case of get appointed.


  • Prepare FAQ’s : Make a list of frequent asked questions in your dream job according to your skill set. It is advisable to do some R& D which will help you to prepare for an interview. Do not take Hiring manager as monster he is equally keen to welcome you in the organization because if he is at Hiring position one must agree that somewhere in profile is more knowledgeable & master of his subject. R&D also broadens the area of knowledge which helps you aware of the trends prevailing in the job market in order to face the competition.


  • Negotiations in terms of CTC: Never gave impression to the company that you want job for the sake of earning money although company also knows that changing or joining job for hikes is one of the most common reason but at the same time they do not want candidates who is taking job only for this reason. Do not ask for unrealistic hike, demand as per the industry standards. Demanding unrealistic salary not only keep you away from getting your dream job but it also narrow your chances of getting the one.


To conclude, I have ensured covering all the smart tips which may arise during challenging situations for getting your dream job and in case if left would like to have your comments or share your views/opinions or tips on this article(if any) through comment section.