Top 15 Things Not To Do List While Traveling across the Globe!


You all have that Travel freak inside yourself who loves to travel one or the other way but most of you lack information that not only may help you to improve the quality of Travel but also makes your Travel in Budget by avoiding small mistakes.

Here are my Top 15 Things Not To Do List While Traveling across the Globe:


1) Do not book your holiday tickets too early: It is very convenient for you to Book flight tickets as soon as possible but you forget that you can save money if you grab the right deals inopportune moment, means we can save on tickets too.



Buy your flight tickets 3-4 months before your Holiday at a reasonable price, keep an eye on all discount deals that flight booking companies offer time to time.

Companies do offer last minute offers to fill their last-minute cancellations and they won’t leave with half vacant boats and buses.


2) Do not Eat in Restaurants near any tourist spot: The reason for not to dine in tourist places is their food quality and hefty prices.

tourist spot.jpg

You may find the quality of Food inferior against the prices those restaurants offer, they just charge extra due to their prime location and the lazy and tiring crowd they attract.


3) Do not ignore your Body Language: When you are in foreign country, you must be careful about your body gestures.

People in different countries have their own body language culture which they want others to respect and follow once you are on their land just like their own culture.

body language.png

It is advisable for you to go through Body language guide for different countries to avoid any kind of chaos which land you in any messed up situation.


4) Do not strike of Hostel option from your accommodation list: Do consider Hostel accommodation options also.


They are incredibly pocket-friendly and clean with services like free wifi, laundry services, game and dorm rooms, pools, kitchen spaces, and nice gardens.


5) Do not Save Money on the cost of time: There is a saying that Time is money but do not waste your time proving it. Any mismanagement of time and money will lose your wonderful experiences.


Here, while traveling you must prepare your list of places where time plays big role like if you are planning to visit any historical place who adhere to their opening and closing time then, there is no such way in saving bucks instead consider your time management skills and quick options.



6) Do not limit yourself only to the tourist places: When you travel go off Beat and enjoy maximum and do not just hide in the hotel rooms and strolling on tourist places like others. Explore other promising places like nearby villages, a town, or small cafes down the street.


Before heading to any offbeat option, have a small talk to natives to have full knowledge about the places for the safety purpose.

Just Explore the unexplored side of that place if you want to enjoy to the fullest, make yourself fully aware of the directions so that you do not get lost.


7) Do not limit your knowledge to one and Big name travel search portals: Explore is the right word here. Just do research on various travel portals but do not caught in traps of deals by the biggies in the market who charge more on the name the brand for hotel, and flight bookings and tour packages, go for pocket-friendly and safe travel portal option.


The only need is your awareness about the place you are plan to visit and the prevailing offers for the same in the market with the similar deals.


8) Do not overindulge on smart phones: Here, I am reminding you that you are on vacation. Leave that urge to answer each and every email, or phone call, or any text until and unless someone is dying 🙂

busy on phones

The only technology you need on your vacation is travel gadgets, like camera or Handycam with adapter and charger as these you can’t afford to miss to capture your memories.


9) Do not forget your Basic Etiquettes: Do not get me wrong here that you lack etiquette.My point here is that sometimes we play ignorant that registers yourself as a reverse case for other people.

hiding face.jpg

For e.g: if you take any candid photo and videos of people and tag it under any of your photos album invading other’s personal space without their information or permission.

By doing so, you have already touched their sensitive nerve where you must respect the privacy of other people even if you are back to your countries after your vacation, always seek permission while taking and tagging any pictures and videos.


10) Do not trick by Cab drivers: While traveling and visiting places, prefer using public transportation as much as you can.


In case if you need to hire a taxi, get their tariff card in advance or go for meter taxi’s and also see if the meter is properly working.


11) Do not take your safety for granted: Be very careful about your Safety while traveling especially solo travelers and that too females.


Be aware of all the dark sides of the traveling places well in advance so that you can avoid it so that you do not land in any unguarded situation.

Tip: Be handy with all the emergency numbers including your hotel reception number of that place in case you need any help.


12) Avoid any foreign transaction fees: Always use plastic money like credit or ATM cards that do not charge any fees for foreign transactions and other surcharges when you are overseas, hence carefree shopping 🙂


credit card


13) Do not dress inappropriately: Always dress modest and respectful while you are in those countries and places where they follow strict laws for dressing like if you are visiting middle east, the South East Asian countries and Islamic countries.


Always be aware of the dress code while visiting any sacred place in any country, Carry scarf and stole with you.


14) Do not forget to get your Travel insurance: While traveling to any country, there might be chances of injuries to thefts to natural disasters or anything that can bring your worst nightmares come true.


Just to protect you and your family from any such unfruitful experience, getting you and yourself insured helps you to overcome such crises, otherwise
results in super high costs.


15) Do not exchange your currency at the airport: The currency exchange at the airports levy very high exchange rates.


currency exchange.jpg

The currency exchange shops in the markets offer you more affordable rates and also you can consider your credit or an ATM card for the same purpose.


Motivated anything to add to this ‘Don’t’ travel list? Pop them in the comments column and share this with different travel freaks to enable them to organize and execute their trip excursions in a more better way.

Stay Safe! Travel Smart!


South America: Top 9 Things Not To Do in Brazil !


You must have read my write up on Top things to do in Brazil but in order to enjoy the trip to this beautiful city in South America, you must also know what things you should avoid having lifetime experience.

Here is a quick List of Top 9 Things Not to do:


1) Do not Make finger circle: Do not dare to make any finger circle in Brazil as this gesture is taken very offensive there,


brazil gestures

this literally means ” Screw you” so be watchful with your gestures, on the other hand, a thumb up means “all good” and is commonly used.


2) Do not be Impatient: The lifestyle of Brazilians are little laid back. They prefer to do things in their own way within their own comfort zone. You will observe immensely Big ques from ATM’s to supermarkets, people move slowly here.

Being punctual get tough time in Brazil so you need to be more patient here because being impatient does not get you too far, even if a Brazilian commit you to reach on time saying “I am arriving” – this often means that they are still at Home but will reach soon so having patience work here.


3) Do not Try to speak in Spanish: Brazilians prefer to speak in Portuguese while the rest of South America speaks Spanish but both languages are least interchangeable.

If you do not know Portuguese try to communicate in English instead of Spanish with them since they understand and speak little of English, they always relish this opportunity to practice.

If you can learn commonly use phrases in Portuguese, Brazilians will find that attractive and would accommodate you whenever you need any help.


4) Do not cheer for Argentina: While watching a soccer in Brazil even if you are the craziest fan of any of the Argentina soccer team, do not show any kind of admiration towards them.

Argentina among other South American neighbors faces fierce rivalry with Brazil so showing any kind of cheering up might attract eyebrows towards you.


5) Do not flaunt your Expensive items: There are cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo which are high in crime rates especially thefts.

Be careful while strolling in these cities, they are indeed worth visiting but not on the cost of your expensive belongings.

While visiting do not carry any expensive phone, do not wear expensive watch(replace above with inexpensive copies), be careful with your camera hide it when you are not using the it, keep less money or hide it in your belt or socks or anywhere you find safe and do not carry your passport and credit card with you. Be careful Be Safe.


6) Do not disrespect their Food: Brazilian beef is famous all over the world and they feel proud of their feast including barbecued chicken hearts and cow-foot soup.


Most of the Brazilians are brilliant food lovers particularly when it comes to meat, in case you feel any disapproval against any of the dishes, you are free to opt for standard food but do not express your distaste and disrespect by making foul faces as that may offend those who are enjoying their food.


7) Do not Criticize Brazil: The native of Brazil is very vocal about their nation since they are also frustrated by the corruption and social injustice but be careful before blurting out anything against Brazil.

Undoubtedly Brazilians love their country and they wouldn’t like it when any outsider talk ill about their country so be watchful with your words even if they themselves are criticizing, better to praise their country if you want to win their hearts and make friendship.


8) Do not be too clingy to share your Beer: Brazilians love drinking chilled beers and they invite themselves if they caught you with a chilled beer bottle in a Bar.

The most famous way to drink beer is to order a 700-ml bottle with as many small glasses as drinkers and do not fussy in sharing also if you do not want to attract any unfriendly odd glances from the people there because they believe in sharing is caring attitude.


9) Do not lose your Consumption card: There are many Bars and night clubs in Brazil which operates on Consumption card system. Each customer is given an individual card on entry to record Sip and Dine orders.

You will need to submit the same at the time of settling down the Bill, failure to which can lead you to some extremely heavy fines and wrathful security staff, so keep a check on it.


So here is my end of list on Top 9 Things not to do in Brazil to keep you safe in a city and have wonderful voyage 🙂 Do not forget to comment and share your touring experiences.



France: Top 10 Things Not To In Paris

The City of Love Paris has lots more to offer but there are few things to keep in mind while visiting this city to make it a memorable journey..

1) Do not pay any entrance fee : No Entry fee Required for visiting Louvre if..

A) You are under 18 years of Age
B) You are between 18-25 of age as EU citizen.
C) You visit the place on July 14 as the day observed as free admission day.
D) No entry fee is required on first Sundays for the months between April and October.

2) Do not waste money on Bottled water and asking water at the restaurants(unless you want carbonated). Carry your own bottle and fill it from Wallace fountains which you can find all over the city.

Fontaines de Paris


3) Avoid eating at tourist places like Latin quater. Instead, opt for native style food eating places which will allow you to save on food.

4) Do not buy tickets of any fetes and major attractions on the same day you plan as it will cost you more. Instead book everything on line in advance to avoid any last moment rush.

5) Do not waste money on any other mode to commute instead tour the city by Metro and be patient to get in after everybody step-out.

6) Do not forget to take the elevator when at Abbesses Metro Station, avoid taking stairs as its totally time consuming affair. It leads you to miss a metro since its too long steps.

7) Do not forget to book a night cruise to explore the city light’s reflection on the Seine river.

8) Do not forget to taste Italian food and other international delicacies all at decent price on the Rue Montorgueil in Les Halles district.



9) Do not just visit the Sacre Coeur Basilica and the Place du Terte while visting in Montmarte, there are places like Rue Caulaincourt, the Rue des Abbesses,and the Cafe des deux Moulins. The place is widely diverse in terms of art culture, you will find lots of artists here.



10) Do not afraid to ask for help whenever you got stuck, French natives are kind people ready to extend help even you face language issues.


Happy Voyage!